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Training and Mentorship


I specialize in helping individuals who strive for excellence to reach their peak performance. My approach recognizes the power of setting realistic and achievable goals, and I am passionate about helping you reach your highest potential.


My mentorship and training programs are designed to make learning and using skills to create film and photo content easier. I take a coaching approach where I empower professionals and students to develop their skills, combining my extensive expertise with a personalized touch to create meaningful and impactful experiences. I have been an instructor for a long time, developing experiences in conferences, schools, community colleges, and 1-1 Zoom meetings. Furthermore, I enjoy teaching my programs because I get to meet and assist students in any way I can.


Please inquire if you're interested in my classes and training in the contact section.

I offer one-on-one classes and consultation meetings.

We can arrange sessions in person or online.

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